Saturday, September 8, 2012

Episode 51

Episode 51: 9-8-12 
**Producers Note** The sound quality of this episode is a little bit off due to technical difficulties, or sincerest aplogies! The Heads Up Edition: An exciting start to the college football season. Chad Ochocinco's latest attempt to reconcile with his wife. Highlights of the DNC: One of the Presidents kids don't belong, and the President's martial arts teacher on stage. The No Limit Records Saga continues. Does anybody still watch the VMA's. Kevin Hart is quickly turning into the black Dane Cook. What grown up eats chewable vitamins. Enough with the internet celebrity death hoaxes. If you think your relationship is bad, listen to these 3 stories. Never convince your sibling to eat watermellon seeds. Plus Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, DealBreakers, plus much more! Episode 51

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