Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Episode 57

Episode 57: 10-20-12  
The 'Inhalers and Vaginas Edition'. R. Kelly still keeping it in the closet. What not to do when you catch an uppercut from a bus driver. Hulk Hogan suing over his bloated stomach sex tape. Mitt Romney's binders full of women. Will this years election turn out like it did in 2000. A-Rod's best days may be behind him. 2018, the year of Kansas City. Is Lance Armstrong really that bad of a guy. Black people love their blue grass music. Playground Games: Never play kickball with a future professional bowler and never play tetherball with a girl name Alice. The worst present to ever give your kid. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, Finish This Sentence, and much more!  Episode 57

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