Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hot Sauce the Podcast Ep. 88 Vid Clip

Episode 88

Episode 88: 5-26-13  The Unnecessary Report Card Edition. The Kansas City Royals will treat you right. Talking tampons with your mom. NBA Playoffs are heating up. Is Sergio Garcia really a racist, or is Tiger Woods extra sensitive. Rap and hip-hop music is lacking these days. Summer movie blockbusters you're looking forward too. Always escape a robbery in progress if you can, even if it means your job. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, continuation of the Old School Video Game Bracket, and much more! Episode 88

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hot Sauce the Podcast Ep. 87 Vid Clip

Episode 87

Episode 87:  5-19-13 The Yoga Pants Confession Edition. The weatherman that gives up during a tornado. Roller coaster riding in Branson, MO. Kai the Homeless Hitchhiker goes smash on an old lawyer. Phil Jackson dished more hate on Kobe Bryant. If you beat Serena Williams on the court, she will de-friend you on Facebook. Mario Williams trying to get at least one ring while in Buffalo. A list of highest paid athletes. The Kentucky Fried Chicken underground railroad. The yoga pants saga is as confusing as ever. Your DVD's will now smell like pepperoni. Chickens need diapers. You should never have sex with a wasp's nest. Riding in a car with bee's. You're never protected enough during paintball. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, Word Up, Old School Video Game bracket and much more! Episode 87

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Episode 86

Episode 86: 5-11-13  Tiger the Male Go Go Dancer Edition. The MVP of the NBA Playoffs so far is Filomena Tobias. Derrick Rose still isn't man enough. Beware of parrots in liquor stores.The situation must be pretty bad if a pretty white girl runs into a black mans arms, just ask Charles Ramsey. Jeff Bliss taking his teacher to school. Maybe the police officer should have pepper sprayed that 12 year old. The new song that's taking the country by storm. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, and much more! Episode 86

Hot Sauce the Podcast Ep. 85 Vid Clip

A brief clip from Episode 85.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Episode 85

Episode 85: 5-4-13  The Old Man Sweets Edition. When confusing weather gives you throat cancer. 90's rap music was only good to people who were living in the 1990's. When you start dropping the old man lingo, Derrick Rose is softer than a pillow made of marshmallows. Is Jason Collins a hero for coming out gay. Tim Tebow will now work for food. FHM magazines top 100 Sexiest Women list. The Kardashians are from mysterious lands. Bullying now vs. back in the day. The conclusion of the Top Horror Movie Villains Bracket. Plus, Fat Moment of the Week, S**t Movie of the Week, and much more! Episode 85